Her works need no interpretation to be understood.

    Her art is self-explanatory.

    However, the observer of her abstract work is invited to listen to his or her own feelings and reactions, so he or she is challenged to think about the picture.

    Erna Klaus is full of ideas when it comes to realistic works. The improvisation is in general the most demanding form of art, it takes maturity and experience to get there.

    There are few artists in the field of fine arts who work on their artistic development with such great enthusiasm and seriousness.

    Art was born to arouse emotions.

    The works of Erna Klaus take on a double meaning: they are paintings but also memories; the artist in fact uses painting and materials that are directly inspired by an event or a lived experience and therefore are configured as lyrical evocations imbued with emotions in which colors and materials blend to create a gentle, precise and decisive style.

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